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About CARICOM Energy

CARICOM Energy was commissioned in 2008 under the Directorate of Trade and Economic Integration to coordinate the finalization of the regional energy policy and provide strategic management for a programmatic approach to the Region’s energy issues.

The Caribbean Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy (C-SERMS) was designed by CARICOM Energy to build on existing efforts in the Region and to provide CARICOM Member States with a coherent strategy for transitioning to sustainable energy. CARICOM Energy is managed by the CARICOM Secretariat, with planning supported by the C-SERMS Platform and implementation coordinated by the CCREEE.

Our Background

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is a grouping of twenty countries – fifteen Member States and five Associate Members. Stretching from The Bahamas in the north to Suriname and Guyana in south, CARICOM is home to approximately sixteen million citizens. CARICOM came into being on 4 July 1973 with the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas by Prime Ministers Errol Barrow for Barbados, Forbes Burnham for Guyana, Michael Manley for Jamaica and Eric Williams for Trinidad and Tobago. The Treaty was later revised in 2002 to allow for the eventual establishment of a single market and a single economy. Article 23 of the Revised Treaty provides for the Secretariat to be the principal administrative organ of the Community with its Headquarters located in Georgetown, Guyana.

Priority Areas of Focus

The priority initiatives, policies, programmes and actions (PIPPAs) contained within the CARICOM Energy framework are geared towards, inter alia:

  • Enabling policy and regulatory environments to attract investment in indigenous, especially renewable, energy supplies, supported by strengthened independent regulatory authority, that provide fair returns on capital investments while simultaneously helping to ensure reliable and affordable energy services to citizens that is predictable in pricing, quality and supply.

  • Disseminating and promoting successful models and approaches for creating sustainable markets for renewable energy and energy efficiency

  • Strengthen the technical and institutional capacities to assess and develop renewable energy potentials, generate proposals for bankable renewable energy projects, and manage their integration into energy systems

  • Increasing intra-regional and extra-regional cooperation, especially with other Small Island Developing States (SIDS), to pursue the exchange of experiences to accelerate learning

Annual Work Programme

Our latest Annual Work Programmes. Click below to download the respective programmes

Our Core CARICOM Energy Team

Meet our dedicated team at the CARICOM Energy Unit of the CARICOM Secretariat

Derval Barzey

Project Officer, Energy

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Ramona Tenpow

Administrative Officer, Energy

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Project Team


Meet the TAPSEC Team that supports CARICOM Energy in the Region’s transition towards a sustainable energy future

Simon Zellner

Programme Leader

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Julia-Christine Kraus

Financial Manager

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Sparkle Prentice

Sustainable Energy Policy Adviser

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Teocah Dove

Communications and Visibility Advisor

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Recent Works



CARICOM Energy is supported by Regional and International Institutions and Development Partners in the coordination, development and execution of  sustainable energy actions within CARICOM.

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