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Historically, a number of large-scale marine energy prototypes have been demonstrated around the world but, off-shore wind aside, marine renewable energy technologies are still decades behind a majority of their land-based counterparts. Simultaneously, Caribbean countries have extensive maritime areas which, if suitably tapped, can allow renewable marine energy to make a significant contribution to low-carbon energy production, such as electricity and cooling, within their energy mix. This is especially interesting for the region as all countries are challenged with finding suitable locations for land-based renewable energy applications, due to the constraints related to, inter alia: (a) The limited availability of space within islands, such as Grenada; and (b) The coastal location of major demand centres in low-lying continental territories, such as Guyana.

The CariMET Forum provides an opportunity for those at the forefront of technology exploration and project development within the marine energy sector in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), in particular, and the Caribbean region, in general, to meet, interact, present their latest knowledge and debate new ideas and issues pertinent to the development and deployment of Ocean Thermal Energy, including Seawater Air-conditioning, and Kinetic Marine Energy, viz. Offshore-Wind, Tidal and Wave, options.

The principal aim of the Forum is to advance the agenda and improve the environment for a cost-reduction strategy for marine renewable energy, with focus on the establishment of practical Research and Innovation priorities, for the next five to ten years, which are supported by measures for coordinating activity across various governments, implementing agencies, universities, funding institutions, and other key stakeholder interests.