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CARICOM Energy Knowledge Hub

Though some Member States are making good progress in the adoption of energy efficiency applications and renewable energy technologies, there is a need to ensure that decisions and planning are supported by fact‑based scenarios and information, derived from data of an appropriate quality and quantity. The use of reliable information to support energy planning and decision‑making can place the region on a path towards a more evidence‑based approach for meeting the C‑SERMS objectives and targets.

The information and knowledge management framework is expected to become a seamless framework within which the various components are interlinked, such that there is consistency and interoperability that allows multiple stakeholder groups to access energy statistics and information that is required for, inter alia: (i) energy analytics; (ii) energy planning and decision‑support; and (iii) awareness building. This framework, referred to as the CARICOM Energy Knowledge Hub (CEKH) will be managed by the  Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CCREEE), in its role as the regional institution tasked with the responsibility of coordinating information sharing and knowledge exchange within CARICOM.

The CEKH will be developed and created in Phases. The first design phase was completed in 2018. Following a detailed stakeholder engagement and consultation process in September 2018,  the knowledge requirements that the Hub should aim to meet were prioritized as follows:

  1. Energy planning & development (Energy statistics & information)
  2. Knowledge to support specific decisions
  3. Spreading understanding of specific developments in sustainable energy
  4. Information on available financing & knowledge on how to access it
  5. Market information
  6.  Capacity building opportunities
  7. Understanding and communicating impact (MRV & Evaluation)
  8. Understanding the energy eco-system

The specific activities of the Knowledge Hub will be developed over time according to a consistent set of operating principles:

  • A holistic approach combining people, relationships and intelligent use of technology
  • Leveraging existing resources to ensure stakeholders make full use of currently available information services and sources
  • A focus on people, and their individual needs and learning journeys
  • A Community of Practice to support peer-to-peer learning and collaboration
  • Ongoing user feedback on current operations, and involvement in deciding future priorities
  • A phased approach to make functionality available to stakeholders as soon as possible

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CCREEE, The World Bank

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