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Task Force for Climate and Disaster Resilient Energy Supply

The vulnerability to climate and disaster risk can retard advances that are made by the region toward attainment of the transformation of the energy systems within the region, as pursued within the C-SERMS Framework and impact the ability of countries to provide: “access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”.  Upon consideration of the Region’s susceptibility to Climate related disaster, among others; the Seventy Third Special Meeting of the COTED on Energy [Guyana] approved the establishment of a Multi-institutional Task Force, consisting of agencies responsible for energy, climate and disaster management. Under the guidance of the Task Force for Climate and Disaster Resilient Energy Supply, CARICOM can enhance the resilience of the energy sector to climate change impacts whilst simultaneously increasing energy security, through the judicious use of energy as a tool for climate mitigation and climate adaptation.

The Objectives of the Task Force are to:
1) Develop an appropriate mechanism addressing the weaknesses in the energy system designs within the Region, to include Integrated Resource and Resilience Planning (IRRP), such that climate and disaster risk are captured within existing sustainable energy policies, strategies and action plans, at national and regional levels; and

2) Address the identification of appropriate disaster resilience measures that can provide a judicious balance between full recovery of the energy networks; and quick restoration of a minimum level of energy services, in the aftermath of disasters.

Based on the COTED’s mandate, the understanding  the Task Force will develop and agree on a methodology for evaluating climate and disaster risk in energy systems. Once the methodology has been established, an assessment of the capacity to apply and utilize methodology will be undertaken.  

In addition, the Task Force would be required to develop a mechanism to prioritize disaster reduction issues and determine the resource requirements for the priorities to be addressed in a systematic way especially as it regards any Regional response for emergency and disaster management in respect to the energy sector.

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