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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Activity Database (R3EAD)

In efforts to improve coordination among donor organizations and implementing agencies, the Organization of American States and CARICOM Secretariat submitted a request to the Clean Energy Solutions Center for support from Meister Consultants Group, Inc. (MCG) with conducting a scan of current and planned renewable energy activities, programs and initiatives in the Caribbean region. From December 2013 through March 2014, MCG:

  • Conducted over 30 interviews with the major donor and implementing agencies to catalogue their activities and initiatives relating to renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Created the Caribbean Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Matrix (CREEEM), a database of over 85 entries of donor and implementing agency led activities. Each database entry includes information such as a brief summary of the activity, donor and executing agencies involved, timeline, budget, type of assistance, and associated Caribbean countries. The CREEEM was approved by participants in the C-SERMS platform meeting and the CARICOM Energy Programme in late 2014.

The development of the CREEEM generated substantial interest and excitement about this resource for the Caribbean region and how it could help strengthen coordination and communication as donor and implementing agencies seek to design and implement activities.

In 2017, the CREEEM was updated in the form of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Activity Database (R3EAD) with the aim to:

  1. Update data in the R3EAD and provide data insights
  2. Identify any areas of overlap or gaps in donor supported RE/EE activities
  3. Provide ideas to CARICOM to support coordination among development agencies/projects
  4. Provide suggestions for maintaining and regularly updating the information

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CARICOM Secretariat, OAS, Clean Energy Solutions Centre


Meister Consultants Group, A Cadmus Company

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