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The Regional Building Energy Efficiency Programme

On December 4 2017, The Regional Building Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) which aims to improve the use of energy in buildings was launched at the CARICOM Secretariat in Georgetown, Guyana.  The Launch follows the introduction of BEEPs at the CARICOM Secretariat in December 2014, and at the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission in August 2015.

The BEEPs are being done to address the dependence on fossil fuels and economic vulnerability as a result of the inefficient energy use in buildings in the Community.

With energy efficiency as a priority of the CARICOM Energy Policy and the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy (C-SERMS), a collaborative approach was developed to target energy use in building. The Regional Collaboration for Efficient Energy Use in Buildings (RCEEB) was spearheaded by the CARICOM Energy Unit and the CARICOM Regional Organisations for Standards and Quality (CROSQ).  Regional and international partners are also supporting the project within the overall framework of the RCEEB.

Out of this initiative, the BEEP in the CARICOM Secretariat was conceived and developed as a pilot for a Regional Programme. The underlying strategy was to achieve improved use of energy in buildings by adopting an energy management system. That system is based on the international standard for energy management, ISO50001, and the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures within the framework of the energy management system.

The BEEPS at the Secretariat and the OECS Commission have been supported with technical assistance from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenabeit GmbH (GIZ) through the Renewable Energy Efficiency and Technical Assistance (REETA) project.

A Regional BEEP Programme Document with Operational Guidelines which outlines the concept, processes and framework, and the importance of implementing an energy management system in buildings is available. The intention is for the Regional BEEP Programme to be implemented and expanded over the next five years by CARICOM through the Energy Unit with the technical support of development partners.

The incorporation of more energy efficient solutions as well as renewable energy technologies within the framework of an energy management system in buildings will not only benefit the respective institutions economically but also the Region.

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CARICOM Secretariat Headquarters, Guyana

OECS Commission, Saint Lucia

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